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About Dr. Ralston - Honolulu Anxiety & Trauma Therapist

Born and raised in Hawaii, Dr. Ralston attended a variety of public and private schools, before graduating from Punahou School, then later  from University of California at Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science in psychology.  Prior to earning a doctorate  in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University – Hawaii, he gained extensive specialty training in the assessment and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with a strong emphasis on treating formerly battered women.  He subsequently completed a pre-doctoral internship at the Department of Veterans Affairs Puget Sound in Washington where he treated veterans struggling with a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. 

Dr. Ralston was selected for a post-doctoral fellowship at the
Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD where he completed advanced training and gained specialty expertise in the assessment and treatment of PTSD.  His graduate school, pre-doctoral internship, and post-doctoral fellowship were all American Psychological Association (APA) accredited programs. 

In 2006, Dr. Ralston was invited to be a member on a national team of Subject-Matter Experts developing content based on best practice for
afterdeployment.org, a Federal website providing psychoeducation, initial assessment, and pre-clinical psychological care to active duty service members, veterans, and their families. 

Dr. Ralston has co-authored journal publications, scholarly book chapters, and a book (Treating PTSD in Battered Women: A Step-by-Step Manual for Therapists & Counselors). Most of his publications are on PTSD, anxiety, and stress-related topics.  He has provided presentations to various groups, organizations, conferences, and Grand Rounds at The Queen's Medical Center on such topics as treating PTSD, trauma, and trauma-related guilt.  Dr. Ralston has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, John A. Burns School of Medicine. 

Dr. Ralston is board certified in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology and a member in good standing with the American Board of Professional Psychology.  He is also an active member of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), and the Hawaii Psychological Association (HPA)

Since the beginning of his private practice in 2006, Dr. Ralston has predominantly treated adult women who have experienced domestic violence, abuse, bad or manipulative relationships, rape, sexual assault, other assault, or abuse as a child.  While these women are now safety out of the abusive relationship, they continue to struggle with symptoms and problems resulting from these experiences, and therefore seek help in Dr. Ralston's practice.
Dr. Ralston is a clinical psychologist licensed in Hawaii where he maintains a lively independent practice in Kaimuki, Honolulu.


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