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Preparing for Your Telehealth Appointment

Following the recommendations below will increase the likelihood of having a productive telehealth appointment.

1.  In advance, please ask others you live with to stay out of the room you are going to be in during your appointment. 

2.  Be in a private place where no one else is in the same room.  

3.  Be in a place where no one else can hear or see you or me.  

4.  Consider using earbuds for added privacy and increased audio quality.

5.  Ideally, have your device plugged in to a charger.  Second best is to be fully charged, but have a charger with you as back up.

6.  Eliminate or reduce all other background noises, such as TV, stereo, close windows if it won't be too warm, etc.

7.  If using mobile phone data, be sure to have unlimited data, or enough data, for the telehealth appointment.

8.  Be close to your Wi-Fi router.  It makes a difference with live audio and video.  Closer is better.

9.  Be sure to have a strong Wi-Fi signal, strong mobile phone signal, or strong internet connection.

10.  If Wi-Fi is slow, minimize the number of, or disconnect, other devices using the same Wi-Fi.

11.  Turn off all services that stream, such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc.

12.  Close all other programs / apps. / windows on your device to maximize the connection quality.

13.  If you will be using a mobile phone for the telehealth appointment, turn off notifications (e.g. "Do Not Disturb").

14.  Restart your device before the session.  This helps to make a better connection.

15.  During the appointment, keep the phone or other device as still as possible, as this will help with the connection being smooth.

16.  During the appointment, minimize the amount that you move, as this will help with the connection being smooth.



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