Acclaim for "Treating PTSD in Battered Women"

Kubany and Ralston have developed a systematic approach to the treatment of PTSD in battered women that is firmly grounded in empirically-supported principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. This approach is tested in research and comprehensively described in this clear, session-by-session procedural guide, which is complete with client handouts and homework forms. This manual is a crucial resource for anyone treating women traumatized by intimate-partner violence and abuse.

Josef I. Ruzek, Ph.D., acting director of the Education Division of the National Center for PTSD located in the Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System in Menlo Park, CA

Finally, a manual that describes a highly effective cognitive-behavioral treatment for PTSD in formerly battered women—boasting a 90 percent recovery rate—with such detail that even helpers with no prior psychotherapy training have used it successfully. Experienced therapists treating PTSD in any population will also find this volume of value for its brilliant integration and sequencing of interventions that prepare real world clients for success with the difficult but essential exposure components of PTSD treatment. Highly recommended for every clinician who treats trauma, and essential reading for therapists who treat battered women.

Irene G. Powch, Ph.D., psychologist on the PTSD Clinical Team at the Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center, and faculty in the Division of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University

At last! A book that addresses the unique struggles of battered women in their battle to reclaim their dignity and personal power. Kubany and Ralston have done a masterful job applying the proven principles of cognitive behavioral therapy to the specific issues that plague abused women. This concise, well organized guide is a must-read for anyone in the field of domestic violence.

Aphrodite Matsakis, Ph.D., practicing psychologist with more than thirty years of experience working with trauma survivors, including abused women, and author of twelve books on trauma-related subjects 

Kubany and Ralston have produced a superb clinical guide that clearly describes and richly illustrates their state-of-the-art, empirically supported cognitive-behavioral treatment of PTSD in formerly battered women. The book offers a masterful synthesis of science and clinical wisdom that guides therapists through the complexities of treating PTSD in survivors of domestic violence. The volume is essential reading for anyone who works with survivors of spousal abuse.

Steven Taylor, Ph.D., ABPP, professor of psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, and author of Clinician’s Guide to PTSD: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

Written by clinical scientists, this volume is an excellent resource for clinicians from all disciplines who are interested in learning specific strategies for addressing problems associated with surviving domestic violence. In addition to providing specific guidelines for treating PTSD symptoms, the authors deal with related problems, including mistrust of others and managing contact with abusers. The chapters on guilt and negative self-talk present best-practice procedures for psychological interventions with these clinical problems, which are commonly associated with surviving a battering relationship. The authors include data on the efficacy of this approach, providing yet another reason to consider this volume as an outstanding source of information on treatment in this area. Guidelines for modules provide objectives for sessions, homework assignments, and handouts that can be photocopied for clients. While the treatment of battered women has been of clinical interest for many years, this text is one of the first to present treatment strategies based on empirical findings. This important text will definitely be an asset to practitioners who are new to this area, as well as experienced providers in the field.

Victoria M. Follette, Ph.D., chair of psychology and professor of clinical psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno, and clinical scientist specializing in the treatment of trauma in women

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