Testimonials from Women Who have Completed CTT

Sampling of Written Evaluations by Women Who Completed

Cognitive Trauma Therapy (CTT) for Battered Women in a Federally Funded Treatment-Outcome Study

“This therapy has given me my life back. I am so happy and I feel alive again!” “This is the greatest program yet! I am very optimistic about life again. I am also at peace with my life.” “This therapy is the best thing that ever happened to me, besides being born. I am a genuinely happy person now.” “The entire experience has been incredibly enlightening, empowering and educational. I feel whole. I feel a new freedom, and it’s a wonderful feeling.” “This program has helped me more than any other therapy, and it continues to help me immensely each day…I can’t begin to express enough just how much this has helped me!”

“Before this therapy, I did not believe it was possible to be happy, to function effectively, or to live without constant fear. You…showed me exactly how to make the changes. Happiness has moved from an irrelevant impossibility to a possible, attainable state of being for me.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this study. I can honesty say that the results are remarkable and I am having difficulty remembering how bad I used to feel…The freedom I experience is real and wonderful!”

“Your therapy seemed to have transformed my life, not in a dramatic way, but in the quiet confidence I now have and in the acceptance of my self I now feel.”

“Now I know the ‘whys’ of my faulty thinking and have the skills & tools to live my life happily & to the fullest extent possible.”

“I’ve wanted nothing more than to be free my whole life. Now I am!”

“This program has completely changed my life from one of despair & stagnancy to one filled with hope, peace, the enjoyment of life & the desire to learn & grow to become more enlightened.”

“Thank you for lifting a great burden off my shoulders. I am strong and face the future with great expectations.”

“I feel like I finally am able to let go of the past & be deeply happy.”

“It would seem almost miraculous how much I’ve changed but it came simply from challenging my beliefs about the world, myself, my past, & what I deserve.”

“The freedom I experience now is real and wonderful.”

“The entire experience has been incredibly enlightening…I feel whole. I feel a whole new freedom and it’s a wonderful feeling.”

“At first, I thought I would not get over the depression, anxiety and numbing. Thank you for showing me how to advocate for my long-term happiness. This has been a total blessing in my life. I now see things in a whole new way.”

“This therapy has given back to me the cheerful, happy, hopeful person that I really am.”

“I’ve been through a lot of therapy over the past 14 years and nothing hit home as much as this trauma therapy…Friends tell me that they see the change in me.”

“This is the most worthwhile therapy I have ever experienced. It is very effective and useful. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this program. It certainly is making a tremendous difference in my life.”

“I carried the burden all these years, but when you broke (the guilt) down, I see why I made the choices I did.”

“I’ve never been through therapy that has helped me so much, and I’ve been through a lot of therapy!”

“I never did think that there was any way I could feel and think differently. I’m so glad I was wrong. Thanks!”

“This is an absolutely wonderful program. I am a new person. More people need to be aware of this treatment.”

“I know I can’t change what happened, but now I can interpret it and make sense out of it. With my therapist’s support, I was able to see that the past can enrich the present rather than be a stumbling block.”

“When I came for my first session, I was seriously considering suicide. I hated myself so much that I wouldn’t even look in a mirror. I have learned that I am an innocent survivor. I have taken back what my abusive husband took from me. He can’t hurt me anymore.”

“This changed the way I view life, myself, and my past. It really saved me. I have no fear for whatever life has in store for me. I create my future. Thank you.”

“It was no single aspect, but rather the combination of all of the therapy techniques that helped put things in perspective for me. This program saved my life!!! I am forever grateful.”

“(Before coming here) after seeing a few therapists, I felt hopeless. Each therapy session was always vague & undefined and left up to each therapist’s whim. This organized format is exactly what we lost and ungrounded survivors need.”

“I found the whole program to be a re-birth of the real me! I have very positive outlook for my future, I am utilizing the tools given to me, To the utmost!”

“I knew something was wrong with me and I didn’t have the words for it. I didn’t see how my symptoms were directly related to the traumatic events in my past, especially all of the guilt and self-loathing about doing the things I did in response to the abuse. I now know why I did what I did to survive. This therapy has helped me like no other, and I’ve had a lot of therapy!”

“Instead of heading down the road of negativity, I learned some different routes that make more sense. The cognitive therapy helped me re-vamp my approach to life.”

“It’s a big relief to discover that I didn’t cause these things to happen and that I’m not a bad person. (now I know) I didn’t deserve it. Nobody deserves to be abused.”

“Hurry up and get this program nationwide.”

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